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Can you recommend a cost effective technique for denture cleansing?

added on: January 19, 2012

A: Daily cleansing of a denture can be done with a denture brush and either regular toothpaste or use a 50 / 50 solution on white vinegar mixed with water instead. This will remove the plaque build up from the teeth and the pink acrylic. Remember that any time a denture is cleaned it is best to do so over a sink with a towel in it. This will help to an avoid accidental dropping and breaking on the floor.

A denture should be soaked at least weekly in something that will penetrate the acrylic and kill bacteria. Effervescent cleansers work well but can be costly. A simple, low cost substitute is mixing bleach in water to a 1:10 ratio. Add a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent to this. Soak the dentures for an hour if it is a full denture but only ten minutes if it has metal clasps to avoid corrosion. Upon removing the denture from the solution, brush it with the vinegar and water solution. Thee dentures will stay fresh, clean and keep the teeth white as well!

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