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I am leaving town on a business trip and a front tooth just broke in pieces. How soon can I get this fixed?

added on: January 19, 2012

A: With today’s CEREC cad- cam technology a new crown can be made and cemented in about an hour’s time. That is the same time that previously a crown used to be prepared and a temporary crown placed. With the older technology an impression was taken and sent to a dental laboratory where the permanent crown was fabricated. The entire procedure would take a few weeks. With our current technology, a picture is taken of the tooth and a crown is designed using this picture and some sophisticated software. The permanent crown is then made in the dental office in about ten minutes.

The fit of these crowns are better than most dental laboratories make and the esthetics are stunningly natural. Believe me, as the son of a dental laboratory technician, I had as many doubts about this technology as anyone else. One crown made like this will make you never want another impression again!

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