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What can I do to make dentistry less expensive?

added on: January 19, 2012

A: Well the age old admonition that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure always holds true. With that in mind, there are things that some people can do at this time of year that can be very fruitful. If you are lucky enough to have dental insurance- use it! That may seem obvious but you would be surprised at many dollars of insurance benefits go wasted every year! Every plan has an annual maximum. Every plan holder should know what their maximum is, and what the plan year is: either calendar, fiscal or anniversary. If you have a calendar policy you should know how much benefit you have left for the year. Many plans pay 100% for preventive care like cleanings, xrays and exams. If you have benefits left, now is the time to get in for your preventive care!

If you have a fair amount of treatment the needs to be done and have a flexible spending account at work, find out now exactly what you may need done next year. That way you can arrange to have that withheld at work so ou don’t have to pay for health care with after tax dollars!

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