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I am impressed with how many advances dentistry has made in a relatively short time. What lies in the future for dentistry?

added on: January 20, 2012

One of the more exciting issues coming to fruition in dentistry is the harvesting of stem cells from young extracted teeth. Stem cells hold great promise for future treatment and cure of many diseases yet have been mired by the controversy of which tissues they are obtained from. Young healthy teeth contain these very cells and are widely disposed of as medical waste. Teeth can be saved if harvested properly to be saved and used in the future. Saving your children’s teeth for their stem cells provides them with a source of these wonder cells which by virtue of coming from their own body, have very little chance of rejection.

A company currently exists that acts as storage bank for stem cells in extracted teeth. The removed teeth are shipped in a special thermos filled with a preserving fluid. They can be stored for the possible future use in treating a multitude of diseases. The teeth saved must be healthy. Possible sources are extracted baby teeth, teeth removed for orthodontics and wisdom. For more information see the company website at

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