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I have been diagnosed with cancer and my oncologist has advised me to get dental clearance before proceeding with my therapy. Doesn’t his seem like a waste of time? I want this cancer out now, not spend time in a dental office.

added on: January 20, 2012

Your greatest ally in the process of ridding one of cancer is your immune system. This consists of a finite number of cells whose job it is to heal infection and cancerous masses. Cancer therapy consists of removing or shrinking masses so that the body can do its natural job of fighting illness.

Dental disease can represent a chronic disease that constantly uses up many immune cells to keep it at bay. This all goes on without you realizing it much like you can’t tell how big your cancer is or when its completely gone. Using immune cells to fight off dental disease when you need them to fight a war against cancer is a waste. Your oncologist wants the treatments to be a success. Going in with half an army just won’t do it!

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