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I have been diagnosed with TMJ and am undergoing treatment to correct my bite. Presently I still have a lot of pain in my jaw and neck. I was given a couple of prescriptions but I prefer not to take them. What alternatives do I have?

added on: January 20, 2012

TMJ represents a disease that involves the muscles and joint structures of the jaw. Bite correction is a procedure that is often done to eliminate a common cause of this problem. In the midst of treatment there can still be lingering discomfort from muscle spasms. While certain drugs like anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants may be prescribed, there are alternative drug-free treatments that a patient can benefit from.

Certain yoga postures can improve blood flow to inflamed muscles and help to stretch tight muscles. Call our office for a printed brochure on which positions can be beneficial and which to avoid. Hot compresses applied to the inflamed areas will improve the blood flow as well.

Many people who have mal-aligned bites have issues of mal-alignment in their spines and other parts of their bodies. A chiropractic visit can help diagnose if there issues to treat the total body. Chiropractic massage of inflamed jaw muscles can provide relief of pain.

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