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I have some crowns on my front teeth that I have never liked. Over the past few years black line has started to show at the gum-line which makes me very self conscious. I would like to get them replaced, How can I make sure the same thing doesn’t happen with the new crowns.

added on: January 20, 2012

First of all, the new crowns should have no metal in them. Today’s porcelains can be made to be exceptionally natural looking. If the replacements involve a bridge or a dark root canal treated tooth, the under part of the restoration can be made of zirconium. This is a very strong material that can mask out the worst of underlying defects.

Secondly, crowns in the esthetic area should be first made as beautiful provisional crowns. These are made of an acrylic material and there is no better way for the patient and doctor to know without a doubt that their objectives are being met. If both patient and doctor aren’t completely satisfied with the temporaries there is no way that the permanent ones will be right. Patient approved perfected temporaries are the only way to communicate proper form, function, esthetics and texture to either the laboratory technician or the cad-cam machine to ensure complete satisfaction.

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