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I have visited my dentist to discuss my pre-cancer treatment dental needs. The treatment plan seems so radical! I have been told I will lose teeth that don’t even bother me. Aren’t dentists supposed to save teeth?

added on: January 20, 2012

The parameters for treatment vary greatly from a person in good health to a person about to undergo radiation or chemotherapy. When a person is healthy, plans are made to do everything possible to save teeth. This includes treatment that may take some months to complete. The success of the dentistry may depend on a healthy immune system, the time to complete the care and some behavior modification to train good home care habits.

In general, oncologists can’t wait for lengthy plans with anything less than a 100% success rate to get started with their treatment. Their race is one against time to save your life. Elaborate restorative plans can take place when you are back to total health. In the meantime, a somewhat radical approach may be necessary to keep what is good and get rid of that which may prevent the total success of cancer treatment.

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