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I love the way all porcelain crowns look but I am concerned about their strength. I have a heavy bite and have cracked a few of my own teeth and chipped a veneer in the front. What do you suggest?

added on: January 20, 2012

Dental porcelain technology has advanced tremendously in the past few years. There are many types of porcelain for different applications. Some allow the utmost in artistic replication of uniquely colored natural teeth. When it comes to strength the porcelain to chose is made of lithium disilicate. It is marketed under the brand eMax. It is extremely strong yet contains no metal. Until recently porcelain fused to a metal substructure was the standard for strength. EMax crowns have been found to be three times stronger than porcelain fused to metal. The all porcelain nature makes for a very lifelike appearance where the light is reflected back to the viewer by traveling through the porcelain and the body of the tooth- not metal. The result is a beautiful crown with the ultimate in wear resistance.

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