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I need to have my teeth fixed with crowns and some veneers. I am anxious about this because I want to make sure they really look natural on me. How can I make sure I will be happy with them.

added on: January 20, 2012

The best way to ensure that the patient is completely satisfied with what they will ultimately have in their mouths for a very long time is to have custom temporaries placed on the teeth. These are the same as the final product but made out of acrylic. Not only will you be able to see how they will look, but you will also be able to evaluate how you will chew and speak with them. The temporaries look and feel almost exactly like the final product except they are made out of a material that won’t last as long.

The other benefit to having these temporaries is that this is the best tool for the dentist to use in communicating exactly to the laboratory the details such as shade and shape. Dental photos and a model of the temporaries is sent to the lab ensuring that the final restorations are exactly what you are expecting.

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