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I understand that I need fillings replaced by crowns on some teeth. We have had so much discussion about esthetics of these restorations that I was wondering , are these being replaced due to failure or cosmetics?

added on: January 20, 2012

Every time something breaks down in a patient’s mouth it is prudent to question why this happened. When all factors are considered, the next thought is not necessarily how can I fix this. Most dentists instead try to plan how to make things better. Doing so entails designing restorations that are stronger, longer lasting, and yes even more natural than what existed before. This plan can and should incorporate the patient to discuss likes and dislikes and to educate the patient in this thought process. This can be very enlightening to the patient as they share views using photographs, dental models and x-rays, and educational videos.

You may ask why esthetics should be such a concern in this process. The dentist has spent a lifetime examining dental problems and solutions. Every failure turns into an opportunity to improve. Instead the dentist asks, quoting a cherished newspaper writer, why not?

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