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I was told that my tooth needs root canal, but it does not hurt. How can this be?

added on: January 20, 2012

Most people are aware that a tooth may need endodontics (root canal) when a tooth hurts. The tooth needs a root canal because either the nerve has been invaded by the bacteria from a deep cavity or has endured severe trauma. The cause and effect in this situation is plain to see. However, there are many instances of a tooth having a deep cavity or a leaky old filling that still results in the tooth having a bacterial infection. The body’s immune system may be good and the nerve may die slowly and quietly. The immune response holds the infection in check but the infection is always there. At some point, when a person’s resistance goes down, the tooth will flare up and become a toothache. Having no pain may entice a person to put off treatment, however doing so may make the tooth become unsavable because the quiet infection will silently destroy the bone around this tooth. Take my advice and have the tooth treated!

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