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My child has expressed an interest in becoming a dentist. Given the high cost of sending a child to dental school and the changing healthcare landscape, what are your thoughts about dentistry in the future?

added on: January 20, 2012

You are right about the high cost of education. While the dental student of today will likely take longer to pay of their school loans than in the past, the field of dentistry has never been more exciting and gratifying than it is today. Within a relatively short time the public’s awareness of the importance of good dental care has elevated considerably. Whereas previously people went to the dentist when they had a problem, today people seek to maintain their health in order to ensure a lifetime of use and function.

The dental patient of tomorrow will be even more sophisticated in their dental needs. They will demand esthetics and a pinnacle of health like never before. White, straight teeth aren’t just for celebrities anymore. They will be expected and dentistry has risen to meet the challenge. Products have been created to replicate nature exquisitely and education within the profession has created a cadre of extremely talented professionals that combine art and science. The direction the future takes proves to be exciting indeed!

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