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I have just completed restoration of my teeth and I love them! They look great and they feel very comfortable. Now you want me to wear a night guard appliance at night. Since you spent so time checking and rechecking my bite, is all this necessary?

added on: February 1, 2012

Its true that when we restore a person’s full mouth, we take great pains to engineer perfect function and perfect esthetics. We create an ideal function so it will support the beautiful esthetics for a lifetime. When fitting these restorations, every detail is checked to achieve a balance when in function in your mouth. In this pursuit of form following function, we like to incorporate a belt and suspenders mentality. This concept is a safety feature used in any well engineered product.

Your teeth and their new restorations are designed to work perfectly in normal function. When you go to bed at night forces may be applied in your mouth caused by head position as well as other factors. We call this parafunction and it can be very destructive. Wearing a guard at night protects against these unnatural forces and distributes the force to plastic, not porcelain. You will sleep better knowing you are protected and so will I.

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