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I have heard you claim that most upper dentures should be able to stay put with no adhesive. My father’s denture is always coming loose and as a result it spends a lot of time out of his mouth. What can he do to make these fit better?

added on: February 15, 2012

It is true that most upper dentures can be made to stay in place with no adhesive. The key is good coverage of the necessary landmarks in his mouth. If a denture is older than a couple of years, it may be that it no longer fits the tissue that has changed since the denture was originally made. If the denture is newer, it should be evaluated to see if all landmarks are covered. If not, the denture may need relining where a new layer is built inside the denture and will closely adapt to the tissue and even press on it slightly. The upper denture should make a suction sound when it is removed. No one should have to endure a denture that does not work well. It will make a person have poor nutrition, take away their dignity, and present a financial and esthetic problem as dentures that are easily removed are easily lost or broken.

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