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I would love to have my teeth removed and have implants placed but I can’t afford a mouth full of implants. I hate the idea of ever wearing a denture. What would you suggest?

added on: June 19, 2012

In times past, when a person was in your position, we removed all the teeth, put a denture in, waited a few months , then put 6 to 10 implants in to support new teeth. Amazingly, research has shown that we don’t need as many implants, you don’t need to wear a denture and you don’t need to wait months. We always believed that you needed many implants for more support and that they were best placed straight up and down to support a bridge, just like real teeth. Engineering analysis shows implants supporting a bridge work better placed at an angle to one another, much like roof trusses or suspension bridge supports. This is not only much stronger, but less implants are needed and they can bear a load immediately. The process is called all on four, representing the four implants needed to support a large bridge. This greatly reduces the cost of what was once pretty expensive procedure.

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