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No matter how nice of an environment your office has, I still feel like I would prefer to be sedated for my dental work. Would I be able to have that service?

added on: June 19, 2012

We recognize that in the course of a person’s life there may be a history of a situation that can elevate a patient’s anxiety level to make them want to avoid dental care. It is for that reason that sedation would be beneficial to make dental treatment as comfortable as possible. The range of sedation can vary based on a person’s needs and desires. Nitrous oxide provides a level of sedation where a patient is awake yet relaxed. Many patient’s enjoy this because it is relaxing yet is completely dissipated by the time the appointment is over. Oral sedation allows a more profound yet still awake experience. This sedation wears off slowly and requires an escort to and from the office. General sedation puts you completely asleep and is performed by a board certified anesthesiologist. This also requires a pre-treatment evaluation by that anesthesiologist, as well as an escort from the office.

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