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Crowns in a Day? Look for a CEREC Dentist in Sayville

added on: August 12, 2013


No one likes the idea of having a crown placed. It takes so much time… and who has enough of that? First you have to go to the dentist for prep and the Novocain injections that go with it, have gooey impressions taken (and that mouthful can make almost anyone gag!) and have a temporary placed and adjusted. The you go home and wait for your crown to come back from the lab. Sometime the temporary comes loose and you have to go back to have it adjusted or replaced. When you permanent crown is complete, you go back in, get more injections and then finally, finally, have your permanent crown placed. There has to be a better way!

Well there is: CEREC crowns in a day. And they are available in Sayville from Dr. Richard Sigismondi.

Because Dr. Sigismondi values his patient’s time and comfort, he has invested in CEREC® technology, the same computer-aided design (CAD)/ computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology used to design and produce precision tools, parts, delicate jewelry and automobiles.

This technology lets him to prepare your tooth, take digital impressions, design and manufacture your crown or other restoration in one easy visit. It saves time, money and it is so much more convenient, yet there is never any compromise in the strength of the materials or the quality and beauty of the restoration.

For more information about this exciting technology, or to see how it works, call Richard M. Sigismondi, DMD, at his Sayville NY office – 866-664-1585 – and start saving time with CEREC crowns today!

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