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Office Renovations

added on: January 20, 2012

During the Spring many of you have driven by the office seeing construction trucks outside. Some of you have even called asking “what’s going on?” We didn’t have a fire. We aren’t selling the office or anything like that. We are making the office better. Some areas needed updating not only from a design standpoint but from one of efficiency. We simply wanted the rooms to better reflect the state of the art level of technology and patient service we continually strive to provide.

One of the rooms renovated was the doctor’s treatment room on the east side of the building. Many patients have expressed dismay when seated in the room before the renovation. Everyone preferred the other treatment room with its warm decor, soft lighting, chair mounted television, Bose noise canceling headphones and the such. Well, we have simply duplicated all the things you loved in the west room and applied them to the east room. The room was gutted so that the new insulation and window could provide a supremely quiet and temperature stable environment. The new patient television sports internet access so while you are in the chair you can enjoy your favorite movie on Netflix, surf videos on YouTube, contact your friends on Facebook, or chill out with your own personal music selections from Pandora. And that’s only the beginning. There is internet access and HULU as well. All this can be enjoyed in the finest dental chair made. Of course your visit will end with the warm towel treatment. Some people think this may be just a bit over the top but its all about making your visits comfortable and even pleasurable. You only need to enlist the niceties you prefer.

Dedicated Sterilization AreaThe other addition we are very proud of is our dedicated sterilization center. We have long held the highest standards of sterilization as our trademark. Training new staff has now been made easier with a center that devotes space for swift and accurate adherence to protocol. The sterilization center is designed logically so that the flow of instruments flow from one side to the opposite one. The dirty instruments are mechanically cleaned and dried in the area lit in a red light. They pass along to a wrapping station and then to the autoclave where they are sterilized in their protective covering. Lastly they are stored in the blue lit sterile storage area before being brought into service. This process ensures that you are being treated in the safest manner possible.

Lastly we have designed a dedicated are to house and display one of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment we have. The CEREC cad cam milling unit brings space program technology to the manufacture of porcelain fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays, and in the near future, bridges. Many of you have already seen what this machine can do. It will make your restorations with no impressions in one sitting! This is tremendous time saver for our patients as well an increase of convenience and comfort. All this is done while making them better fitting, more accurate and unbelievably beautiful.

As you can see, we are excited about our changes. We would love to show you in person. Stop by and we’ll show you!

One of the hallmarks of service to our patients is the detailed examination.

added on: January 20, 2012

We take pride in providing a comprehensive examination to new patients as well as patients of record on a periodic basis. The purpose of this is to evaluate the health of all systems related to the mouth. The exam includes a thorough dental exam done with the aid of the intraoral camera. This is where our commitment to education begins. By sharing our view of conditions and explaining them to patients it helps a patient gain an appreciation of what is right and what is not. This is the first step away from the sometimes thought notion that if it doesn’t hurt, it must be okay. That represents an endpoint of the spectrum of health that waits to the verve of failure before a correction is made. Our goal with every patient is to educate them to what healthy conditions are, correct any deviations from this state and to maintain the patient’s health for their lifetime.

The periodontal evaluation is what most people expect at a specialist’s office. It begins again with educating what periodontal disease is, where it comes from, and what it can lead to. The current status is evaluated and demonstrated through use of the camera. The gum condition is evaluated in terms of how much plaque is present on the teeth, the presence of hardened calculus, the level of the body’s immune system to this plaque and the resulting tissue breakdown in the form of diseased pockets. The pockets are measured as the patient is educated to which numbers are good and which are not. The teeth are checked for looseness and other issues relating to chewing force.

The soft tissue exam is conducted evaluating each area for function and presence of problems like masses, tumors or other deviations from the normal.
Occlusion is a big part of our comprehensive exam. Most people don’t realize it, but wear of one’s teeth can be just as destructive as decay. Excessive wear can be responsible for broken, chipped teeth, sensitivity, fillings falling out and porcelain breaking. It can mean the difference between dentistry that lasts a lifetime and dental work that breaks down quickly. Wear can lead to TMJ problems including headaches, earaches, tinnitus, clicking jaws, pain in the jaws and facial numbness. Dr. Sigismondi has spent many hours in post-doctoral study in these manners. The depth of this evaluation varies from patient to patient based largely on a person’s symptoms and issues that are found upon inquiry and examination.

The doctor’s part of the exam concludes with an esthetic and facial evaluation. This is where Dr. Sigismondi asks questions to determine how a patient feels about their teeth and smile. He realizes that patients may have concerns about esthetics or desire changes in their appearance that only an open dialog can reveal.

Records are then taken for the doctor to review after the appointment. The findings and recommendations are presented at the next appointment. From this point on, Dr. Sigismondi has a blueprint to restore a patient to health. During the treatment conference appointment the doctor continues the educating process using radiographs, photos and models taken previously. He and the patient then plan together how to best achieve their goals.

I have visited my dentist to discuss my pre-cancer treatment dental needs. The treatment plan seems so radical! I have been told I will lose teeth that don’t even bother me. Aren’t dentists supposed to save teeth?

added on: January 20, 2012

The parameters for treatment vary greatly from a person in good health to a person about to undergo radiation or chemotherapy. When a person is healthy, plans are made to do everything possible to save teeth. This includes treatment that may take some months to complete. The success of the dentistry may depend on a healthy immune system, the time to complete the care and some behavior modification to train good home care habits.

In general, oncologists can’t wait for lengthy plans with anything less than a 100% success rate to get started with their treatment. Their race is one against time to save your life. Elaborate restorative plans can take place when you are back to total health. In the meantime, a somewhat radical approach may be necessary to keep what is good and get rid of that which may prevent the total success of cancer treatment.

I have some crowns on my front teeth that I have never liked. Over the past few years black line has started to show at the gum-line which makes me very self conscious. I would like to get them replaced, How can I make sure the same thing doesn’t happen with the new crowns.

added on: January 20, 2012

First of all, the new crowns should have no metal in them. Today’s porcelains can be made to be exceptionally natural looking. If the replacements involve a bridge or a dark root canal treated tooth, the under part of the restoration can be made of zirconium. This is a very strong material that can mask out the worst of underlying defects.

Secondly, crowns in the esthetic area should be first made as beautiful provisional crowns. These are made of an acrylic material and there is no better way for the patient and doctor to know without a doubt that their objectives are being met. If both patient and doctor aren’t completely satisfied with the temporaries there is no way that the permanent ones will be right. Patient approved perfected temporaries are the only way to communicate proper form, function, esthetics and texture to either the laboratory technician or the cad-cam machine to ensure complete satisfaction.

My child has expressed an interest in becoming a dentist. Given the high cost of sending a child to dental school and the changing healthcare landscape, what are your thoughts about dentistry in the future?

added on: January 20, 2012

You are right about the high cost of education. While the dental student of today will likely take longer to pay of their school loans than in the past, the field of dentistry has never been more exciting and gratifying than it is today. Within a relatively short time the public’s awareness of the importance of good dental care has elevated considerably. Whereas previously people went to the dentist when they had a problem, today people seek to maintain their health in order to ensure a lifetime of use and function.

The dental patient of tomorrow will be even more sophisticated in their dental needs. They will demand esthetics and a pinnacle of health like never before. White, straight teeth aren’t just for celebrities anymore. They will be expected and dentistry has risen to meet the challenge. Products have been created to replicate nature exquisitely and education within the profession has created a cadre of extremely talented professionals that combine art and science. The direction the future takes proves to be exciting indeed!

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