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Celebrate the Holidays with a New Smile

added on: December 3, 2014

cosmetic dentistry

There’s a lot to celebrate during this time of the year – health, family, love, and friendship. Typically we show each other our appreciation by sharing gifts, celebrating, and eating with our families. However, if you’re hiding your smile during these joyous occasions instead of grinning wide, it may be time to think about celebrating a new smile.

At my dental office in Sayville, we have a multitude of cosmetic dentistry options that can transform your smile and give you the confidence you deserve.

Cosmetic Bonding

Dental bonding can be used in a variety of ways, but is most often used to successfully repair chipped or ground down teeth. Bonding is an artful treatment that perfectly matches the restoration to healthy surrounding teeth. When done well, the bonding will make a seamless connection, making it difficult, or even impossible, to see the former damage.

Professional Smile Whitening

One of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments is also one of the easiest way to get your smile dazzlingly white. A professional whitening by your dentist in Sayville is a quick, painless, and extremely safe option to get your smile its ideal shade of winter white. It may be all your smile needs to give it the boost it needs to make you confident again.

Porcelain Veneers

If professional whitening doesn’t work for you, there are other options. Sometimes, superficial stains on teeth do not disappear through a smile whitening alone. When this happens, we typically recommend porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are custom-shaped and placed over the natural tooth for a whiter, brighter look. They can also be used to repair fractured teeth, close a gap between teeth, or to restore a smile that has unproportional teeth.

Stop hiding your teeth in pictures, at holiday parties, and during all the festive, cheerful moments in your life. At my Sayville dental office, we can give you the smile of your dreams using any of these treatments or a combination of these and others. No matter what your ideal smile is, we can discuss the best way to make that dream smile come to life.

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Dental Health of Pilgrims and Native Americans

added on: November 19, 2014

dental health now vs dental health of the pilgrimsThanksgiving has been celebrated since the Pilgrims and Native Americans gathered around the first feast-filled table in 1621. While not much has changed in the way we celebrate the holiday since then, a lot has changed in terms of what we are thankful for.

At my dental office in Sayville, we were surprised to find that, according to a recent survey, the toothbrush was near the top of the list that detailed what invention Americans couldn’t live without, beating out cars, the microwave, and even computers. Since the toothbrush wasn’t even introduced to the United States until 1885, we started wondering what people did before they were bombarded with a multitude of colorful-handled brushes that take up a whole aisle of their local supermarket. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought it’d be interesting to look at the dental health and oral health habits of the Pilgrims and Native Americans during a time long before a proper toothbrush was ever invented.

The oral health of the Pilgrims was not ideal. Since they didn’t have proper toothbrushes, or even a real toothpaste to clean their teeth, they had to resort to whatever they had that would work. This included using hog hair tied to animal bones or twigs as a toothbrush, and herbs, leaves, and salt instead of toothpaste.The diet of the Pilgrims wasn’t all that tooth-friendly either. It mainly consisted of dried meat and fruits, beans, and a lot of hardtack — a biscuit that’s made of flour, water, and salt — so the Pilgrims’ diets were less than ideal. The Native Americans had a different, healthier diet, similar to what your dentist in Sayville would recommend today.

The Native Americans utilized the land in order to eat well-balanced meals. They hunted for meat, harvested grains, grew vegetables, and picked berries. This led to a much healthier diet, and a much healthier mouth. After they ate, the Native Americans’ oral hygiene routine was similar to that of the Pilgrims since they also used herbs such as sage, to clean their teeth as well as the cucacua plant, which they used to make a substance similar to toothpaste.

Since then, there have been many improvements in dental technology, and not just the invention of the toothbrush. Research has led to discoveries between oral and whole-body health, which is one reason we stress the importance of preventive care with proper brushing and flossing and regular visits to my Sayville dental office. Technological advancements allow us to recommend better, stronger, and healthier treatment options. In all, modern dentistry gives us much to be thankful for.

This Thanksgiving, after enjoying a plate (or a few) of your favorite feast foods,when you’re heading to the sink to brush away any leftover food particles and floss the corn stuck between your teeth, remember to give an extra, “thank you” to the improvements in dentistry. Because without them, we’d still be using twigs, animal hair, and herbs to get a not-so-clean smile.

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Diabetic? See Your Dentist!

added on: November 5, 2014

  national diabetes awareness monthEvery November at my dental office in Sayville, we like to acknowledge American Diabetes Month which is dedicated to raising awareness to the disease the affects nearly 30 million Americans. Diabetes destabilizes blood sugar and may create a lot of problems throughout your body including issues with your eyes, nerves, kidneys, and heart. Additionally, your oral health may also be at risk, making it very important to see your dentist regularly if you’re diabetic.

Diabetics are more sensitive to bacteria, both in the body and in the mouth, than people without diabetes. Some diabetics have a reduced ability to fight off bacteria. This is particularly concerning for your dentist in Sayville since the mouth is already at risk for dangerous bacteria that could lead to serious oral health and whole-body problems.

One of the main oral health concerns associated with diabetes is gum disease. Gum disease can not only affect the health of your mouth, but if left untreated, could lead to serious problems throughout your body. In fact, gum disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. When a diabetic’s blood sugar is not controlled, glucose levels in the saliva can surge. This provides an environment where bacteria can thrive and the chance for problems increases.

Gingivitis, the less severe form of gum disease, can be treated fairly easily if it’s caught early. This makes keeping appointments at my Sayville dental office extremely important, especially if you’re diabetic and at a decreased ability to fight off infection and bacteria. If gum disease is not caught early, it could progress to a more serious form and could result in some pretty scary stuff.

Periodontitis occurs when gum disease is not treated and the gums actually begin to pull away from your teeth. With periodontitis, pockets between the teeth and gums provide a nice little home for bacteria thrive and infection to develop. This infection will begin to erode away the bone that holds teeth in place, resulting in loose teeth, shifting teeth, and can even cause teeth to fall out or need pulling.

In addition to gum disease, other oral health problems are associated with diabetes, all of which cause concerns of their own. The most common oral health problems linked to diabetes include:

  • Fungal Infections
  • Tooth Decay
  • Dry Mouth
  • Infection and Delayed Healing
  • Impaired Taste

Since those battling diabetes are at increased risk for serious oral health problems, it’s very important that they follow a strict, at-home preventive routine with daily flossing and brushing twice a day. Additionally, keeping your blood sugar within the normal range is good for both your body and your mouth.

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Reshape Your “Vampire” Fangs With Tooth Recontouring

added on: October 22, 2014

how to fix vampire teethWhile having extra-pointy canine teeth, sometimes called vampire teeth, isn’t dangerous to your health, it’s not uncommon for patients of my dental office in Sayville to express concern, or even embarrassment, about their sharp, spiked teeth. But we’ve got an easy solution that can transform your smile quickly – tooth recountouring.

Why are Canine Teeth Pointy in the First Place?

Canine teeth are the four teeth (two on top and two on bottom) that are pointy and slightly resemble dogs’ teeth. The canines’ purpose is mainly to help us eat, as they serve to help us hold and tear food. While all canine teeth are pointy in nature because of this purpose, some people have canines that appear much pointier. Nothing about having sharp canines is dangerous, however some people can be uncomfortable with the appearance of their superior spikiness.

What is Tooth Recontouring?

Tooth recontouring, also known as tooth reshaping, is a cosmetic dentistry solution that shows instant results. This procedure is often used to change the shape, length, or surface appearance of teeth and can be helpful in fixing crooked teeth, chipped teeth, and yes, “vampire” teeth.

The procedure can typically be completed in one to three visits, depending on your individual needs, and without any pain. Basically, your dentist in Sayville will use his artistic eye to sand away any extra enamel that is contributing your specific problem. With just millimeters of enamel removed, your tooth will be transformed immediately. This treatment can also be paired with bonding, which uses tooth-colored material to sculpt and reshape a tooth.

What Are the Benefits of Tooth Recontouring?

Besides helping with your cosmetic concerns, there are a variety of benefits of tooth recontouring. Tooth recontouring is a conservative cosmetic dentistry treatment and a cost-efficient way to easily transform your smile.The treatment is generally painless, and often times, no anesthesia is necessary since only surface enamel is being removed. But tooth recontouring can not only improve your appearance, it can also improve your oral health. By removing areas such as overlaps and imperfections where bacteria and tartar can build up, you’re greatly reducing your chances for decay and gum disease.

If you have extra-pointy canines or other cosmetic concerns, give my Sayville dental office a call today. We’ll talk about your concerns, what your smile goals are, and the best treatments for you. We’re sure to get you happy about showing off your pearly whites!

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Best Foods for A Healthy Mouth

added on: October 8, 2014

food that's good for your smileOne of the best ways you can get, and keep, your mouth healthy is to eat a well-balanced diet and choose smile-healthy foods. At my dental office in Sayville, we’d like to educate you about how the foods you eat can contribute to great oral health and your overall well being.

When you eat, your mouth goes through changes, starting the minute you take that first bite. While you’re eating, bacteria convert sugars and carbs into acids. It’s these acids that can cause some serious tooth damage. Acids attack the enamel and can lead to cavities. Not only that, the more often you snack throughout the day, the more acid is produced and the more your mouth is exposed to the danger of further decay.

What to Eat

Some of the best foods for your mouth are the same ones that are good for your body. The basic food pyramid can give you some great guidelines to follow to ensure you’re getting the right amount of dairy, protein, and vegetables everyday for your overall wellness. However, when thinking about smile-friendly foods, there are few your dentist in Sayville would like to highlight.

The rules of foods for a healthy mouth are easy to follow and are pretty straightforward. Some of the best food choices include cheese, chicken or other lean meats, and nuts. High in calcium and phosphorus, these foods can both protect tooth enamel and give teeth what they need to remineralize and become stronger.

Additional food choices that are great for your mouth are crunchy fruits and vegetables. Celery, apples, and pears, for example, have high water content and can stimulate the flow of saliva. Foods containing a lot of water tend to lessen the effects of sugars and carbs in the mouth, and the production of saliva helps wash away particles and fight against acid – both useful in protecting teeth against decay.

What to Avoid

Eating acidic food like citrus fruit, tomatoes, and lemons can add to the damage-causing acid. While you don’t have to avoid these tart favorites, they should be enjoyed as part of a larger meal as opposed to being consumed alone. Pairing acidic foods with larger meals helps minimize the amount of acid that actually reaches your teeth and can decrease the damage that acid causes.

Other poor food choices include the obvious culprits like candy, cookies, cakes, pies, pretzels, and dried fruits. With large amounts of sugar, these foods can fuel bacteria which will lead to tooth decay.

What Else Can You Do?

In addition to following a diet of smile-friendly foods, regular visits to my Sayville dental office can not only help keep your mouth healthy, they can help keep your whole body healthy too. With more and more systemic health problems like diabetes and heart disease being linked to oral health, keeping your regularly scheduled appointments is even more important. At these checkups, we’ll not only make sure your mouth is healthy, we’ll also make sure your body isn’t in any danger from oral health problems.

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