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My retired parents recently went to a new dentist in the area they relocated to. The whole family was shocked to hear they have so many cavities since they have always been regular dental patients. How can we know if this diagnosis is correct?

added on: January 20, 2012

Trust is paramount in a doctor/patient relationship. Word of mouth referrals can strengthen the trust factor but sometimes some element of doubt can persist. Perhaps because of our changing world devices have been created which can verify the doctor’s words. Caries detection devices not only make the job of detecting a cavity easier for the dentist. They make it so that the patient can actually see on a screen where the cavity is and to a certain extent, how bad the cavity is. Seeing is believing when these devices make healthy teeth look green on camera and the cavity looks red. Both patient and doctor can now rest assured.

If your parents are seeking another opinion it may be to their benefit to inquire if the office has one of these devices.

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