Restorative Dentistry in West Sayville, NY

Beautifully Designed – Made for Function

When something goes wrong with your smile, you want to be sure that you are getting the healthiest, most comfortable, and most attractive restoration possible. That is what you will always find at the office of Richard M. Sigismondi, DMD, West Sayville restorative dentist. Keep reading to learn more about our restorative dentistry services.

Metal Free Dentistry for Health and Beauty

We never use metal in our dental fillings – not only does metal in your mouth look unattractive and outdated, it is also unhealthy for your teeth and your body. Old-fashioned silver fillings contain Mercury, a known neurotoxin. They also expand and contract with changing temperatures in your mouth and allow bacteria to creep in under the filling.

Instead, we offer the healthiest and strongest alternatives such as pure porcelain inlays and onlays, crowns, and implant restorations – and they can all be designed and created right here in our office with CEREC 3D technology. This provides us perfect control over the complete restoration and saves you a tremendous amount of time allowing for a precise fit the first time. With CEREC 3D, your crown or restoration can be placed the same day, so you won’t have to deal with a temporary restoration, wait for the laboratory, or return for final placement. Our patients appreciate the convenience of one appointment and the need for no additional anesthetics.

Pain-Free Root Canals and Oral Surgery

When your tooth hurts or has a major problem, isn’t it nice to know that you can count on Dr. Sigismondi for treatment? We approach endodontic procedures (such as root canal therapy) and extractions with your absolute comfort in mind.

We always try to preserve your natural tooth structure. That may mean the need for a root canal to clear infection, stop the pain, and save your tooth.

If there is damage or infection that warrants tooth removal, you can rest assured that oral surgery performed by Dr. Sigismondi will be precise and as painless as possible. Remember, if you are nervous or just want to rest through your tooth removal, sedation dentistry is always available.

Secure Replacements for Missing Teeth

Losing a tooth or teeth can be devastating – unless you have replacement options that can not only bring back your smile but also allow you to eat, speak and laugh with total comfort!

Dr. Sigismondi has been designing and planning the precise placement of dental implants for 25 years using only the best materials in the industry. With the advanced training he has received, he can offer the convenience of “Teeth-in-a-day” with the comfort and assurance that this restoration will last your lifetime.

If you want the ultimate freedom with dental implants, we work with one of our trusted periodontists to place your implant anchor while we create a beautiful crown to blend perfectly with your own teeth (and perform just like them too!). The bone surrounding the anchor fuses together creating a very solid foundation to which the implant-supported tooth will attach. A natural-looking, porcelain crown is fabricated and attached, creating a secure and solid restoration.

If you are not a candidate for implants, our partial and full dentures are custom designed to feel and look more like your own teeth. Dr. Sigismondi loves creating dentures because, to him, they offer an artistic and stylistic challenge. Every pair of dentures he creates is a unique work of art. It shows in our patient’s smiles!

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