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Your oral health is intrinsically tied to your physical health. Great general dental services won’t just keep your smile bright and cavity-free, they will help protect your immune system, your heart, and even your pregnancy! West Sayville family dentist, Dr. Richard Sigismondi offers general dentistry services to keep your smile healthy year-round.

Our general dentistry services take protecting both your teeth and your overall health into perfectly balanced consideration.

Our advanced comprehensive dental exams and oral cancer screenings help us find oral health issues while they are still small and easily repaired or managed so your natural teeth can last your lifetime and your gums stay healthy.

Healthy gums are one of the most critical components of a healthy body.

In study after study, gum disease has been shown to affect your lungs, heart, pancreas, kidneys, joints and brain, contributing to everything from cardiovascular disease and pancreatic cancer to arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and strokes.

If we do find problems such as decay or gum disease, we use the safest and most effective methods to get you healthy – fast.

And to keep you comfortable through any procedure – even dental hygiene – we offer both oral sedation and nitrous Oxide to help you relax.

General Dentistry Services

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