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Office Renovations

added on: January 20, 2012

During the Spring many of you have driven by the office seeing construction trucks outside. Some of you have even called asking “what’s going on?” We didn’t have a fire. We aren’t selling the office or anything like that. We are making the office better. Some areas needed updating not only from a design standpoint but from one of efficiency. We simply wanted the rooms to better reflect the state of the art level of technology and patient service we continually strive to provide.

One of the rooms renovated was the doctor’s treatment room on the east side of the building. Many patients have expressed dismay when seated in the room before the renovation. Everyone preferred the other treatment room with its warm decor, soft lighting, chair mounted television, Bose noise canceling headphones and the such. Well, we have simply duplicated all the things you loved in the west room and applied them to the east room. The room was gutted so that the new insulation and window could provide a supremely quiet and temperature stable environment. The new patient television sports internet access so while you are in the chair you can enjoy your favorite movie on Netflix, surf videos on YouTube, contact your friends on Facebook, or chill out with your own personal music selections from Pandora. And that’s only the beginning. There is internet access and HULU as well. All this can be enjoyed in the finest dental chair made. Of course your visit will end with the warm towel treatment. Some people think this may be just a bit over the top but its all about making your visits comfortable and even pleasurable. You only need to enlist the niceties you prefer.

Dedicated Sterilization AreaThe other addition we are very proud of is our dedicated sterilization center. We have long held the highest standards of sterilization as our trademark. Training new staff has now been made easier with a center that devotes space for swift and accurate adherence to protocol. The sterilization center is designed logically so that the flow of instruments flow from one side to the opposite one. The dirty instruments are mechanically cleaned and dried in the area lit in a red light. They pass along to a wrapping station and then to the autoclave where they are sterilized in their protective covering. Lastly they are stored in the blue lit sterile storage area before being brought into service. This process ensures that you are being treated in the safest manner possible.

Lastly we have designed a dedicated are to house and display one of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment we have. The CEREC cad cam milling unit brings space program technology to the manufacture of porcelain fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays, and in the near future, bridges. Many of you have already seen what this machine can do. It will make your restorations with no impressions in one sitting! This is tremendous time saver for our patients as well an increase of convenience and comfort. All this is done while making them better fitting, more accurate and unbelievably beautiful.

As you can see, we are excited about our changes. We would love to show you in person. Stop by and we’ll show you!

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