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One thing I hate about summer barbecues is the awkward feeling of having food stuck between one’s teeth. It seems insulting to turn down foods like corn on the cob especially if the hosts prepared it themselves. What do you suggest?

added on: January 20, 2012

Isn’t it amazing how many summer foods are the most difficult to eat in public? They are either messy, difficult to manage with your hands or get stuck easily between your teeth. While these issues can arise in any dining experience, it is uncanny how often it can occur in the backyard.

The perfect solution to the food trap problem is to simply carry small floss samples with you. They are small, easy to carry and fit anywhere. I find it handy to keep these in the car, on the boat, in a travel bag or just in your pocket. One should never feel uncomfortable slipping off to take care of this promptly after consuming these delicious summertime specialties. especially after lavishing the host with culinary compliments! You will feel much better after doing so!

To make sure you never run out, just ask for extras at your next cleaning!

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