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My insurance coverage is good. Why should I ever have to pay anything over and above what they will pay?

added on: April 6, 2012

Insurance benefits are a wonderful thing to have. Patients should always try
to maximize their benefits for every given year. Nearly every dental insurance plan
has annual cap on what they will pay out. A prudent dental office will have their
insurance coordinator get the most out of the plan and know the steps necessary to
help you get things done quickly and costing as little as possible. There are times
when a person’s needs can exceed a plan’s annual maximum and limiting the
treatment options to the confines of what benefits are covered may result in
compromises that could make a patient feel like their expectations are not met. Ask
the insurance coordinator how treatment may be phased to extend the benefit
payout for your treatment. When all else fails, the coordinator should do
everything possible to work out financial arrangements to accommodate what the
plan won’t cover.

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